The end of INF103

Well, it’s been a long semester, but it’s finally over. I’ve cried, laughed, cried some more, but most importantly, learned. I even made my very own website, neat, huh? We covered everything you could think of from what the internet is to how you can keep your privacy intact as well. We learned about VR, AR and 3D printing, file sharing, co-op PowerPoint making, etc. Heck, we even learned a little bit of coding, something I love and hate at the same time.


Although, if would have to change one thing though, it’d have to be the fact that my professor nearly neVER FINISHES THE VIDEOS HE SHOWS US. LIKE JUST LET IT PLAY DUDE, I WANNA SEE THAT CONTENT, DONT BUILD ME UP AND THEN TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME.


But anyway, it’s been a good semester, hopefully I pass and hopefully I don’t procrastinate as much the next semester. That’s all, Happy Holidays to you, lads!



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